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About Xtreme Lashes

Xtreme Lashes was born in 2005 as a family business. Jo Mousselli, with her children Noor Daoudi, Maher Daoudi and Muhammad Daoudi, with her brother, Ahmad Mousselli and with her husband, Martin Dale, pioneered and defined a new industry in the USA. The success of Xtreme Lashes would not be the same without the critical contributions of all of these family members. Each person brought unique skills and capabilities that combined to produce the magical ingredients to establish and set the standards for the success of a new industry: semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

The Company started out in Jo’s home. By early 2006, in addition to the founding family members, 10 employees were working out of her home. Research and development and warehousing were being conducted out of the game room and the garage. Most of the bedrooms were converted to offices with desks, computers and phones. The kitchen became the break room where lunches were shared, while the living room served as the conference room. FedEx trucks were making twice per day pickups and deliveries. It was truly a dynamic and exciting time. In mid-2006, Xtreme Lashes grew out of Jo’s home and moved to its current headquarters.

Without any blueprints, Jo and her family utilized the nursing process and a holistic approach to create the lash application processes and procedures, setting industry standards. Xtreme Lashes developed comprehensive training programs and formulated ground-breaking cosmetic products for this thriving new industry. Early on, Jo established standards that have served this industry well, insisting that: 1) a person must take hands-on training from Xtreme Lashes to qualify to purchase application products, and 2) a person must be strongly credentialed in the health or beauty industries to qualify to enroll in the Xtreme Lashes training programs. Xtreme Lashes continues to enforce these standards today. Every day, Xtreme Lashes’ legendary Customer Service team is forced to refuse sales to prospects who do not meet these standards. These standards have contributed mightily to the success of this new industry. Today, many states regulate semi-permanent eyelash extension applications and have adopted the standards originally set by Jo Mousselli.

Under Jo’s leadership, Xtreme Lashes has thrived, but Jo had a lot of help. Noor Daoudi served as Xtreme Lashes’ first Education Director. Noor hired and trained the initial trainers and skillfully built and led the Education Department that sets the gold standard for the industry. Noor, in collaboration with Jo, co-developed the semi-permanent eyelash extensions application products and techniques and the systematic approach to effectively teach these techniques to others. Jo and Noor’s attention to detail, creativity, quality and safety, positioned Xtreme Lashes as the global leader in eyelash extensions. Maher Daoudi spearheaded the digital marketing campaigns that put Xtreme Lashes on the map. Maher also led the development of the Company’s advanced IT systems and established efficient warehouse and shipping capabilities. Maher collaborated with Jo on supply chain and procurement activities. Maher also ably served as CEO during the years 2009 – 2011. Muhammad Daoudi expanded Xtreme Lashes’ global presence through international marketing, business development, education and public relations. He launched Xtreme Lashes into multiple countries, while creating awareness through planning and executing tradeshows and public relations events. Ahmad Mousselli, Jo’s brother, developed the Xtreme Lashes website and the custom-designed integrated database. Martin Dale, Jo’s husband, served as CFO and mentor to the company’s initial young workforce. Each founding family member’s contributions have been invaluable to the success of Xtreme Lashes and to the world-wide expansion of the semi-permanent eyelash extensions industry.

Today, Xtreme Lashes has grown from a family of co-founders to an extended family of innovative, loyal and passionate employees, trainers and international franchisees who, as a team, collaborate to develop and deliver revolutionary products, education and training, and business and marketing support to thousands of beauty professionals world-wide. Xtreme Lashes has trained over 15,000 lash stylists in the USA and Canada. In addition, its global presence has reached 27 other countries through which Xtreme Lashes international affiliates have trained an additional 12,000 lash stylists around the world. These Xtreme Lashes certified lash stylists, while enjoying a rewarding career, deliver safe, effective and enhancing beauty products and services to thousands of end consumers.

In 2010, at the suggestion of then-CEO, Maher Daoudi, the Company changed its name to “Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli®”, to highlight Jo’s significant contributions as the Company’s President. Jo’s mission to empower and enrich lives, and her background as a Registered Nurse, with years of experience in the Pediatric ICU at Texas Children’s hospital, has served the Company well to keep quality, safety, and support at the forefront of all that it does. Jo Mousselli has skillfully served as President since the inception of the Company; she has also served as its CEO from 2011 until present.

Xtreme Lashes’ focus on continuous quality improvement in its training programs and application products is second to none. The Company has a responsibility to its many lash stylists and to the end consumers to continue innovation to improve the industry and the lives of its professional clients and the end consumers they serve.

Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli® is a brand resulting from the love and care of a family, bringing affordable luxury, beauty and rewarding careers to the world. While the Company has grown into a global phenomenon, its mission remains the same as it has since Jo and her family founded the brand nine years ago.